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Did you lose your photos?

There is no boundary for your sorrows, when you lose one of your most valuable photos. You probably might have preserved it for a long time to hold your memories forever.  Pictures depict all the wonderful events you had in the past life. This is why most of them give a lot more importance in guarding the pictures.  However, in today’s generation most of them prefer to capture images in the digital camera.  Digital photos are easier and faster use than the old photo film cameras. This might be one of the reasons that why these cameras have gained a rapid popularity after its launch.  

These digital photos are basically saved on the memory cards of the camera and later on moved to computer storage devices for usage. But one of the major problems of digital camera is the memory card they use may face corruptions which causes loss of your pictures.  Images also results in a loss when you have connected the memory card to the computer or loss might also occur from system hard drives storing your photos. What will you do in such panicked state?  “Have no fear, since Lost Image Recovery is here”.  Lost Image Recovery is efficiently programmed with advance algorithms that can help you to restore your lost images in any severe data loss incidents.

Eye catching features of Lost Picture Recovery tool:

Lost Image Recovery is an ultimate recovery software that can regain your lost photos with any file extension, with ease. It can be installed on your host system to get an absolute accurate recovery results.

This software is bundled with a lot of attractive features that can guide you through the process of recovery.  How to recover lost images from micro SD card? Micro SD cards are the popularly used storage device on mobiles. Sometimes you may encounter a data loss from these devices. Without any worries, you can opt for this application and perform a recovery from Micro SD card and other frequently used devices like hard drives, USB, memory stick and so  on.

Once downloaded to your host system, it can assist you to restore pictures of different file size and formats. This software can perform JPEG, NEF, PNG, GIF, CR2, CRW, BMP and many other image types. To get the BMP file recovery software Check This page. On completion of the recovery the software lets you to preview the file.

While working on the system there are various instances you come across that may result in the loss of pictures. A users may commit mistakes of deleting files by clicking on delete , shift + delete option and other options which commonly cause deletion of files. Other scenarios are use of unreliable software, sudden shutdown, virus attack, restoring system etc. For recovering pictures after a system restore you can refer

Supporting Operating systems:

Lost Image Recovery can be installed and executed easily on all latest Windows and Mac operating system. How to recover lost photos on Windows 7? Don’t worry!!! This software also helps recovering lost photos from Windows 7 including other versions such as Windows 8, XP, server 2003 and 2008. Peek Into this page to know more about lost picture recovery from Windows 7.

Try it, you’ll like it:

There is also a demo version of this software that can be used to check the effectiveness of this tool. Download it from this page and try restoring your files. After the recovery completes, if you are satisfied with the outcome buy the paid version and save the pictures back to your system

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